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Answers for buyers

How do I contact the seller?

To contact the seller, open up the ad that you are interested in and click on “Show phone” button on the right side of the ad, and the phone number will be shown, or use the "Start chat" button to start chatting with seller right on the website.

If you are using the mobile version of the site,  click the “Call author” button at the bottom of the webpage.

If the phone number isn’t specified, you can write an email to the seller. Just click  the button “Send an email” on the right side of the seller’s ad. You will see the form which lets you write an email and send it to the seller.

Before sending the email, check that your email address is correct.

Seller is a fraud/The ad is a scam: what should I do?

Any user can flag or report any ad.

Reasons to get your ad flagged:

  • If the seller indicates that the product has already been sold but the ad is still active

  • If the posting is fake and/or seller is a fraud

  • If the ad contains incorrect information

To flag an ad, click the button with an exclamation mark at the end of webpage (when using the mobile version of the site) or on the right side of webpage (when using the desktop version).

Describe your complaint in details.

Your complaint will be processed in 24 hours.

Mobile version:

Desktop version:

Why are phone numbers displayed partially?

We are interested in helping sellers meet buyers and buyers to find exactly what they are looking for. Amount of the phone calls is the main index of our productivity. We hide part of the phone number to know exactly how many phone calls have been made about each ad so that we can improve the quality of our services.

Signing in

Why do I need to verify my phone number?

While the popularity of the website is growing rapidly, more frauds are likely to appear. Therefore, we carefully check all the ads on our website to safeguard our users. Phone number verification is one of the security steps to ensure that all of our users are real.

Moreover, phone number verification ensures users that no third party can access your personal account

I haven’t received verification code via SMS, what should I do?

  1. Make sure that you entered your phone number correctly. Note that you can only use mobile phone number when registering.

  2. Make sure that you are always available.

  3. Make sure your mobile phone is capable of receiving service type SMS.

  4. You may re-request your new code in ten minutes.

If you haven’t received SMS after all of those steps - please, contact us at [email protected]

I have a landline phone number, what should I do?

  1. Put your landline phone number at login page:

  2. Press «Continue»

  3. You can hear the code by voice message calling to +357-800-77936 from your landline phone number.

Can I post ad without creating an account?

It is not possible to post an ad without creating an account. The account will be created automatically right after you publish your first ad.

How do I change my email address or phone number?

You can change your personal information: city, name and email address everytime you post an ad. You cannot change your phone number.

You can also change your personal information in the “Settings” tab.

Click on the button “Change contacts” and change your personal info: city, your name and email address.

If you want to change your mobile phone number, please contact us at [email protected]

How do I change my username?

You can change your user name while you post your ad. You can also change your personal information in the “Settings” tab.

Posting your ads

How do I post your ad?

In order to post an ad, simply click the button “Post an ad” at the top of the website.

Once you have pressed the button, you will see the form page where you need to fill the options specified below:

Choose category and subcategory. Choose the category that suits your ad best  - to collects the maximum responses. You can choose the right category by using our search bar and look for similar ads and then place your ad in the appropriate category/subcategory.

See also: How do I choose category for my ad?

Headline must contain the name of your product or service, be clear, attractive and written in appropriate style

Choose your price - this field is mandatory! If you are ready to discuss the price - check the option “Ready to bargain”. If you are open to trade, check the “Trade” option

Add images. Ads with good images get, on average, 3 to 5 times more views than ads without, keep that in mind! You can add up to 8 images per ad.

See also: What kind of pictures/images should I include in my ad?

Add description of your product, service or job vacancy. Your description should be grammatically correct, detailed, fully complete and credible. This will allow you to quickly sell the product and avoid additional questions from potential buyers or customers.

Specify your ad location. Point out your area, city and district. It will be easier for a buyer to locate you if he knows where to look at. If you are publishing a real estate ad - specify exactly where it’s located.

Write your name, it will be visible to buyers on ads page.

Specify your email address so that potential buyer or customer can contact you.

Click on “Post my ad” and it will be published after moderator’s check

What do I write in the description?

Your description should match your headline and your product or service. You can publish only one product/service per one ad.

  • Compose your description grammatically correct, check it for mistakes, make your statement about your product clear and understandable, avoid grammatical errors, typos. Be articulate and you will attract more buyers.

  • You should write only in Greek or English.

  • Describe all the details and advantages of your product or service.

For example, if you are describing a real estate object, point out all the prism such as convenient location, state of the interior and so on.

What do I write in job vacancy?

To maximize the number of responses to your job vacancy, we recommend to fill in the description to the full extent, so that job seekers understand what kind of activities they are looking at.


  • specify your company name and describe your line of business. If your company is in the sales business - specify what kind of products you sell, your brand name

  • describe your requirements to the job seekers (skills, degree of qualification, experience)

  • describe required duties, so that job seekers can make out what they are going to be doing.

  • Point out working conditions (schedule, payment plan, other important information)

  • Fill in the “Salary” field, as it is one of the major criteria for job seekers. Keep in mind that job vacancies without filled “salary” field gets up to 50% less responses from job seekers.

  • Add in additional information about your company, so that your job vacancy will stand out from other ads. For example: corporate training, compensation for sport activities, work uniform, free transportation, free meal, free mobile network plan,fuel compensation and so on.

Now all you need is to add images. You can add photos of working space, working team, office building as well as your company logo.

See also: What kind of a pictures/images should I include in my ad?

How do I choose the category for my ad?

Always choose the right category and subcategory for your ad so that it can get maximum responses.

You can choose your category by looking for similar ads that are already posted on our website.

For example:

If you want to sell or rent offices, flats, houses - choose “Real estate” category .

If you want to sell any means of transportation, spare parts or you are offering car service and repairs -  choose “Cars, motorbikers, boats, parts” category.

If you are looking to sell cellphones, accessories or offering cellphone repairs and servicing - choose “Phones, mobile phones, telecoms” category.

All kinds of job offerings must be published in “Jobs” category.

What kind of a pictures/images should I include in my ad?

The main rule of successful sale  – good, bright images of high quality.


  • All photos should match your headline and description

  • It is always better when images are real

  • Generic images from the internet repel buyers

  • Miscellaneous items at the background are taking attention from your product

  • More photos - more prospective buyers are attracted to your product

Judging by the statistics, ads with 8 photos get around 25% more responses than ads with only one image.

If you are publishing a job vacancy, you can add photos of working place, office or your working team.

In the “Services” category, you can place photo with finished result.

Be aware that you cannot place your contact information (phone number, address, email) on product images. Images with words like “urgent”, “clearance”, “for sale” and so on are also prohibited.

Bad examples:

Good examples:

See also: How to add images.

How do I price my product or service if i’m not sure how much it cost?

Do not overprice your product. Look for similar ads from other sellers and make sure that your price is not above average.

If you are giving discount due to some kind of a reason (product is in a bad condition, broken, scuffed, etc) always specify it in the description.

In the “Services” category always quote the price of smallest possible unit, e.g. 1 cubic meter, 1 hour of work, etc. Due to category specifics you are allowed to post price list in ad description if you offering multiple similar services (wall painting, plastering, dry walling, etc).

Be aware that price should be an integer and correspond to products or services that are listed in your ad.

Why my ads needs to be checked by a moderator?

Mandatory check of every ad is necessary because of the following reasons:

  • for us to protect our users from frauds

  • for us to prohibit and delete illegal content

  • to help users fill in their ad

Only because of thorough checking of every ad placed on our website we can ensure that all postings are in the correct categories, with right headlines and each user can easily find what he is looking for.

Why can’t I see my ad right after posting/placing?

To make sure ads are safe and appropriate for everyone, all ads go through an approval process. Usually it takes about 30 minutes. After an ad has been approved, it can be found through the search or in the appropriate category.

Who changed my ad description and why?

Each and every ad goes through moderation, While checking your ad, a moderator can change your description and headline so that it meets our website rules. He will never change overall meaning of your ad.

For example:

  • We remove all “for sell”, “Clearance”, “Urgent” from ad headline

  • If your headline is written in “all caps” we will edit it lowercase

  • remove all contact information and price from the description - there are designated fields for them.

  • we will change the category if you misplaced your product. For example: you placed “Window frame” sale in “Services” category although it must be in “Construction and finishing materials”

We are always looking for ways to improve our services and it is our goal to help you create the perfect ad. That's why we correct minor mistakes instead of declining your ad - it will be placed sooner rather than sending it back to you for revision.

Why moderators keep deleting phone numbers from description and headline of an ad?

We are interested in increasing the number of phone calls between buyers and sellers. We need to have a way to count this number, that’s why the “phone number” field is the only place where you can leave your phone number.

See also: Why phone numbers displayed only partially?

Why has my ad been declined?

If your ad has been declined you will be provided with a reasoning sent to your email. The reason will be in the “Rejected” tab on “My ads” section of your account as well.

Click on rejected ad to see the reasoning behind the rejection.

Common ad rejections:

1. Ad posted in the wrong category. Choose the right category for your ad so that it can get maximum response. You can choose category for your product/service by searching similar products/services on our website and then publish your ad in the right category.

See also: How do I choose category for my ad?

2. There is not enough information in your description. Your description says very little about your product/service/job vacancy. Nobody can understand what exactly you are trying to offer. Spare some time on composing a good description of your product. You should promote your product or service so that the buyers will find it attractive, but do not deceive them. By carefully composing product description you will get rid of the unnecessary phone calls or email messages about your ad from prospective buyers.

3. Prohibited images. Most likely your images contain your contact information (phone number or email address), it is strictly prohibited by the rules of our website.

Make sure to add images to your ad. Buyer will always choose an ad with a nice and clean picture rather than similar ad but without any images.

See also: What kind of a pictures/images should I include in my ad?

4. This ad is a duplicate. Effectiveness of ads rely primarily on their quality and uniqueness. We will not tolerate duplicates even if your old ad is already hidden. All duplicates are deleted automatically.

See also: What means “Declined due to duplicate ads”?

5. Demand. We do not take ads with demand inquiries, like: “I want to buy a car”. This rule applies to all categories except for “Job vacancies”. If you really want to buy something just look through the ads on our website.

See also: Why can’t I post ads like “looking for ...” or “want to buy …”?

6. You violated the “One ad - one product/service” rule. More often buyers look for a specific product or service. So ads like “This and that, or all together for sell” are almost ineffective. We are looking for quality of the content, that’s why we allow only one product or service per one ad with good description, proper photo and a fair price. If your ad contains multiple products/services/job vacancies, please edit your current posting and make individual ads for each one.

See also: Why can’t I post several products or services in one ad?

7. Product is in the “prohibited” list.

There is a list of prohibited products and services that are not allowed on It exists because of the current legislation limitations, require licenses, patents or simply doesn’t meet policy of our website and, thereby, are forbidden on our service.

See also: Prohibited products and services.

Why can’t I post ads like “looking for ...” or “want to buy …”?

Demand doesn’t increase supply - it’s the other way around.

Imagine that all users will publish ads such as “want to buy…”, “looking for” “waiting for your proposals” and stop looking for sellers, waiting for them to appear.

And all those who posted ads “For sale” “Offering” will sit tight and wait for buyers to appear.

As a result, everyone is waiting for each other. Nobody will be able to sell or buy anything.

If you are looking to buy something or find service that you need - simply look at the ads that are already posted on our website.

There are thousands of ads waiting for your attention!

Why can’t I post several products or services in one ad?

Most often buyers are looking for particular product or service - that’s why ads like “Things for sale” are ineffective.

For example you posted an ad with headline: “Things for sale”.

If somebody is looking for a dress he will use the word “Dress” in search bar.

That buyer will never find your ad because your headline doesn’t say “Dress” in it.

As a result, a buyer can’t find what he looking for and you can’t sell your product.

We want to provide quality content to our users, that’s why we allow only one product per ad combined with good photos, unique description and a fair price.

Violating the «One ad - one product» rule

Do not post identical ads about your product or service.

We count ad as duplicate when you repost it even after deleting the original one before expiration date(30 to 60 days)

About fields of activities

- Tutors / private teachers: it is only acceptable to post ads strictly on the teaching subject; specifying the student level (preschoolers, undergraduate, bachelor, etc). If you are preparing students to pass particular tests or exams point out it in the ad description.

- Home repairs and interior/exterior finishing: it is allowed to offer multiple services in one ad (Pressure Washing, Interior and exterior painting, plumbing, roof work, gutter cleaning, window washing, landscaping and tile repair etc.). Brand name, vendor code and stock unit measurement does not matter and can be listed in the description. Individual ads about each type of service offered by single contractor is prohibited.

- House building: it is allowed to post multiple ads from single contractor about different types of work offered (roof tiling, basement, ladder, etc), different materials used and other aspects that significantly distinguishes one ad from other,

- If you are offering multiple real estate object for rent with different pricing and different properties you are allowed to place multiple ads for each object.

If your object is sufficiently big that it can be divided into several smaller offices you should create one ad with overall price and area of the object and specify possible area divisions and pricing.

- If you are selling several similar objects with similar layout and price you should create one ad describing all of your flat layouts in the description.

- If you have multiple items in the ad you will need to clarify in the description box that you are selling all items as a bundle with one selling price for all.

-If you are planning to hire several workers, place an ad for each job opening

Ad with “Handymen and workers wanted” are not allowed. Job vacancies of this kind are rejected by the moderators.

- Creating multiple similar job vacancies is allowed, if you are looking for personnel in different cities. For retail companies and commercial networks, it is allowed to point out location in the form of either city district, metro station or street name and shopping centre name. At the same time you must specify job position, company name and physical address (For example: Shop assistant, “Walmart” shopping centre, Dawson str)

Good examples:

Blue shirt, S/M/L sizes - good, because price is the same for all sizes.

Photo camera with cover, tripod and flash drive, 1000 Euro - good, because it is sold as a set.

Jacket + overall, 200 Euro – good because it’s a SET, total price is given

Bad examples:

Shirts, all sizes and all colors, see price in the description. – bad, because each product must have its own ad since prices are different

Car engines in stock, by request for all car manufacturers - bad because for each car manufacturer there is an individual category. Users must create ads for each category: Toyota engines, BMW engines, VW engine, and so on

Audi radiators complete with install – bad. Since radiator is a product it must be in “Spare parts and accessories” category. Installment must be in “Car service and repairs” category as it is a service.

Learning courses: English, German, Math, Physics - bad. User should create four different ads - “Learning courses: English”, “Learning courses: German”, “Learning courses: Math”, “Learning courses: Physics”

Handyman services. Plumber, electrician. Fast and cheap - bad, there must be two separate ads: “Plumbing” and “Electrician”.

We are hiring: CEO, accountant, waiter - bad. There must be individual ad for each of those different job openings.

What means “Declined due to duplicate ads”?

If your ad was declined due to “Duplicate ads” it means that you posted several identical ads. Please do not post ads about the same product or service repeatedly.

The effectiveness of ads primarily depends on their quality and uniqueness. We don’t allow duplicate ads even if the original ad is already hidden. All duplicate ads will be removed automatically.

Please follow our recommendations:

  • Do not remove and repost your ad before its expiration date

  • It is prohibited to repost your ad even if you have hidden your old one

  • Do not use the same headlines, images and descriptions for different ads

  • Do not post duplicates in different categories and/or different cities

  • Do not post duplicate ads about the same product or service using different wording in description.

Managing my account

How to update the posting date in the ad?

For the date in the ad to be updated, go to “My ads” tab and click on the chosen ad. A window will open where you can click on “Update posting date” button.

You can change the date once a month free of charge. Right after that, your ad will be automatically placed at the top of other ads in this category

Why can’t I update my ad every day?

Every single buyers wants to buy something when he comes to our website. Users can check several times a day for new ads in the categories of his interest. That's why it is essential for new ads to appear in each category.

Now imagine that all sellers are able to update their ads every day.

More and more buyers will eventually do this regularly and categories will contain updated but same ads.

Buyers that see the same ads constantly, day after day will realise that there are no new listings and there is nothing to see at and will stop using the website.

As a result: no buyers - no sales.

Updating your ad only once every 14 days gives a chance to the buyer and seller to find each other.

How can I delete my ad?

If you want to stop your ad from showing on the website use “Hide” option. After hiding your ad, not a single user can see your listing.

There is no complete deletion function on our website at the moment.

How do I edit my ad?

Go to “My Ads” section, choose the ad you need to edit and press the “Edit” button.

You will be redirected to “Edit” section where you can change any information about your ad.

To save changes after you finish making them, press “Save changes” at the bottom of the webpage.

On the mobile version of the website go to “My ads” section, select ad that you want and press the “Edit” button.

After correcting any field in the ad it will be subject to moderator check again.

Be aware that while ad is checked by moderators you cannot edit it.

How do I hide or reveal my ad?

To hide your ad, go to “My ads” section, choose the ad you need to hide and press the “Deactivate” button.

In the mobile version of the website go to “My ads” section, choose the ad you need to hide and press the “Deactivate” button at the bottom of the webpage.

A pop-up window will appear and if you are sure enough - confirm your action by pressing on the “Agree” button.

After hiding your ad not a single user can see your listing besides you.

Hidden ads are located in the “Inactive” tab at “My ads” section.

To activate a hidden ad go to “Hidden” tab in “My ads” section, press on the ad you want to reveal and choose “Publish”

We recommend you to check the relevance of the information in description.

How do I add images?

To add images, go to “My ads” section then choose the ad you want to add images to and click on the “edit” button for the editing window to appear.  

See also: How do I edit my ad?  

After that you can add images by using the form with maximum of eight photos per ad.

Press “Add image”, choose suitable images on your device and upload them

Pay attention that no contact information is allowed on those images.

Why does my ad status say “Sold” when it’s not?

This kind of situation can occur when a complaint has been received about your ad from the users and moderators deactivated it after checking.

For example, a buyer called you:

  • And you said that your product was sold

  • Your telephone was not available for long period of time

  • your telephone is hidden on the website and your email address is incorrect.

  • 30 days has passed from the moment of ad publishing

These are common situations leading to your ad being deactivated

For your ad to be seen again on the website - publish it.

Why were my phone numbers merged into one account?  

Through technical analysis, we have established that you had placed the same ads using different phone numbers.
Phone numbers, which have been identified by the technical analysis that they belong to the same person are determined as a duplication and are merged into one account.

According to terms and conditions - only one account is available for each user (legal entity or individual).

What does it entail?

  • You can login on the site through any of your phone numbers which has been connected to your account
  • You can use any of your phone numbers to top up your wallet on the site.
  • You can easily manage your ads through any one of your phone numbers. You can also add new phone numbers if you need to.

Paid services

How much does it cost to place a TOP ad?

Price of TOP ad depends on the category you want to place it in as well as the number of days you want it to be TOP.

To find out the final price of your ad go to paid services webpage.

For example:

See also: How do I publish my ad in the TOP?

How do I publish my ad in the TopAd section?

To publish your ad in TopAd section go to “My ads” section and click on the ad you want to promote then click “TopAd” button in the opened page.

Where do I check how much money is left in my wallet?

You can check your wallet balance in “My ads” section in the top portion of the website.

How to top up my wallet balance?

You can top up your wallet balance by means of: Paypal.

To top up your wallet go to “My ads” section. Press on “Top-up the wallet” button at the top portion of the website.

Next choose desired amount for topping up and press the “Next” button.

Attention! If you had previously ordered some kind of paid services they will be activated right after topping up your wallet.

For legal entities, there is a possibility to top-up wallet with checking account.

To do this simply email us at [email protected]

Where can I look at the history of my payments?

If you want to check your payment history go to “My ads” section.

Choose “Payments” tab where you can see all connected paid services and receipts.

All your payments are listed here along with date and time, type of the operation and its status.

“Completed” status - means that the paid service is active, payment received and you can use it freely.

“Pending” status - means that the paid service is ordered but not active because it’s pending wallet to be topped up with the amount of its required payment.

“Cancelled” - means that you had your order canceled, pressed on the “cancel” button.

For your convenience there are two tabs at the top portion of the website - “Top ups” and “Withdrawals”. In these tabs you can see amounts of “Top-ups” and “Withdrawals” separately.

How can I find my TOP ads?

TOP ads are located at the top of its category listings.

To find your ad, you need go to the last level of a category where you had placed your ad.

For example you placed your ad “Toyota RAV4” at the TOP.

Go to “Cars, motorbikes, boats, parts” category, then go to second level subcategory “Cars”, then go to third level subcategory “Toyota” and then choose fourth level subcategory “Toyota RAV4”.

Now you can see your ad in the TOP. If you can’t locate it - refresh webpage.

The TOP level list consist of maximum 5 paid ads placed in random order.

Pay attention that TOP ads are displayed randomly from all active TOP ads on our website. This list rotates so that every refresh of the webpage contains different list of five TOP ads and so on.

If you can’t locate your ad at the TOP list it means that it is displayed to somebody else. Each view by any user generates new TOP ad list consisting of 5 random active TOP ads. Each TOP ad has an equal chance of showing up with each view of the category.

My TOP ad was not published. Where’s my money?

You had placed your ad at the TOP, topped up your wallet to the right amount, but your ad is still not on the website

This can happen for the following reasons:

  • Your ad is still pending moderator review. Please wait until it gets checked by a moderator.

  • Your ad has been declined due to violation of website rules.

  • Insufficient funds to connect desired paid service.

  • Check that your payment been carried out.

If you checked everything but still don’t know what’s the problem - contact us via phone call and we will solve your problem quickly

Our customer service specialists are more than happy to help you out

Please contact us at [email protected]

Posting an ad on is a paid service nowadays?

Posting an ad is free as it was before. You can freely add unlimited amount of ads on our website.

We offer our paid service when you post new ad - post it directly to the TOP so that it’s placed at the top of category list and gets maximum response from prospective buyers.

To place an ad without a fee simply choose “free” option at the publishing stage and press “Publish”

For example:

Error 400
Save your searches!
Push "Save search" button on a search result page
Check for updates in favorites section
Add ads to favorites
Push the star button and this ad will be in your favorites section, where you can easily look at it again!